Our Promise


Here at Press-it we have a satisfaction guarantee on every item of clothing that goes out of our doors.

If by the slimmest of chances that you aren’t satisfied of our standards we are known for, we will pick up the items from you straight away and the job will of course be FREE!!!

We will have them returned to you as priority with a standard that’s untouchable, leaving you completely satisfied knowing that ‘Press-it’ Is the answer!

We guarantee a smoke, pet and odour free environment.

Within our business there is a culture of pride and quality in everything that we do, which sets us apart from all the rest. Unlike many other businesses all of our ironing is done completely by hand every time. We have a passion at Press-It, for absolute perfection.

We use old world techniques passed down from generation to generation, that simply cannot be recreated by machines and every customer guaranteed a pristine crisp feel that will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

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